Neon Mansion – “Palace”


My first interaction with Neon Mansion was actually quite funny.  They sent a record to another site I curate for.  It wasn’t sample free (one of the requirements over there), so I never responded.  I really liked the tune and held onto it.  But imagine my surprise when I see them adding to their next promo email that this random record landed on Bro Safari’s Annie Nightingale Mix on BBC.  I completely forgot I sent a small pack of tracks to a small handful of homies.  I bragged to the two people that listen to me that I picked out more than a quarter of a tracklist on a BBC mix, and kept it moving.

Fast forward three months.  Neon Mansion handed “Palace” to their mailing list four days ago with “not gonna lie i’m not in the greatest of moods so I won’t BS you and put exclamation points after every sentence,” then asked the next day that it be released “later today.” We get releases from PR firms a month in advance. I had to chuckle… until I played the tune.  Everything about this record is fucking nuts. The vocal sample from Future to jump it off. Which is even odder considering that’s the last record Neon Mansion produced. The fake drop. And the plunge into the 5th dimension of emotional trap.

I don’t know if this is one person or a collective, but they are releasing some next level records so incredibly recklessly. Neon Mansion has a STACK of “Free Download” tunes that don’t have an alternate download link to direct you to the free download.  I don’t know if they don’t care about our schedules and standards for submissions, don’t know, or are trolling. All you need to know is that there’s a heap of absolutely incredible records available for free download on the Facebook link they forgot to provide for you. And Neon Mansion, cheer up.  You have my full support down the road, whoever you are. Just give me some notice to post your records, kay?