Download Niko Javan’s “Erbody Yoppin” Mixtape


Miami’s brought us the bass scene, definitely, and it’s still a big part of the EDM scene, so having exciting new producers from that area isn’t a new thing. Niko Javan? I’m personally fucking with this record “Stupid,” which is taken from his recent release Erbody Yoppin. Mad Decent loved how he’s attacking the hip-hop scene, and the tracks with rappers were cool, but I’m definitely rocking to tracks like “Stupid,” with their sly, slinky spacewalk bounce, and the slowed-down turnup of the last track, “Snow.” Hopefully he keeps dear old DAD abreast to the future of his output, because the potential is right there. You can download Everybody Yoppin for free, or cop it on an AK47 USB stick with it for $15.

UPDATE It looks like Niko’s got some other bits on the way…