Noisia – “Running Blind”

Noisia are one of those groups that has endured for so long that they’ve reached a sort of power-move only status. They don’t make missteps. They announced the gargantuan eight track, 4×12″ vinyl Purpose EP earlier this month and just yesterday premiered their collaboration with Phace and title track for said EP.

Dropping today on UKF’s YouTube page, “Running Blind” is Noisia-brand dnb at its very pinnacle, razor-sharp intensity and aggressive beats joined under master-level production skills. The throwback vibes are real with this one, but the sounds have undergone a nice tune-up on the mastering side for that 2014 clarity. Purpose is out on June 30 on Beatport, and the 4×12″ vinyl follows on July 23rd (you can pre-order here).


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