PREMIERE: NU.F.O – “Amazed (Blunt Sinatras Remix)”

Image via NU.F.O.
Image via NU.F.O.

The original mix of “Amazed,” is track two off the sophomore album from Boston’s NU.F.O (Newly Formed Objective), Still Amazed. Mainly, they seek to push the boundaries of electronic music with their bold sound, a hybrid of many genres that are blended in their electro/progressive sound. Their recently-released album is a concept album that tells a story about life, and this particular track represents the beginning of that journey. It sounds a bit like a sweeping progressive rock track, with a pulsing beat, heavy vocals, and a new age sound.

In an effort to capture life’s great wonders as they are happening, beyond their beginning and as they are happening, in a materialization of the concepts in their album, NU.F.O. has begun releasing remixes of the tracks from Still Amazed. It exemplifies the art imitating it own life, the stories of the tracks as they are reworked by different artists.

This week’s remix is brought to us by Blunt Sinatras, and this duo added some serious depth to the already intense track, and did not spare us any d or b, that is for sure. Just what the doctor ordered for this terrible case of cabin fever I have being stuck in the polar vortex that is my hometown. The stomping bassline drums up thoughts of coconut bikinis and beach bonfires and shaking a grass skirt around until sweat drips from my sin-kissed skin.

I just want to pound my feet to the beat, the slow, low, whomped-out vocals are super sexy. The wubs in this sweltering hot remix is an instant cure for the chilly air in my house that seems as though it will be forever buried in inches of snow. Blunt Sinatras so seamlessly tweaked this track adding so much of their own flavor, yet keeping so much of the original sound.

What I need to cure my fever was not more cowbell. It is the elements of drum and bass that have me forgetting the winter of my discontent.