Patrique Piquetero – “Desaparecido (Live-Recorded)”

Patrique Piquetero

You’re on a interstellar journey, and it’s pitch black. You can’t see anything but you can feel it. The brooding bass, the ethereal melodies, the deep vibes. You’re thoroughly down the rabbit hole and you don’t know your way back. German producer Patrique Piquetero has masterfully composed and produced deep techno that is sure to get even the most pretentious techno listener some food for thought. I’ll admit, the production isn’t fantastic andI am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to techno specifically, but I do know that this is the sort of tune that will have me looking for more techno. For this introduction to Patrique, we have both parts to his live-recorded version of his original work, “Desaparecido.” Hypnotic and groovy, bassy and seductive, these are just some of the ways of describing this guy’s music. Melodic and deep, this might be the gateway for your new techno obsession.