Paul Oakenfold & Azealia Banks – “Venus (DJ Bl3nd Remix)”


The last thing we were trying to hear was the Paul Oakenfold/Azealia Banks collaboration “Venus.” Imagine our shock/confusion when DJ Bl3nd was asked to add his house flavor to the track. Wasn’t the “Ibiza version” enough? Maybe this is what the Europeans were afraid of. Maybe people would rather hear Azealia Banks, who is a solid rapper, sing. Or snippets of her singing. Over random hard house. We’re just as astonished as you are.


  • Real Trap Sheep

    So how much does one have to pay to get remix duties?

  • Nicholas James Concklin

    Didn’t think it was possible to make this song worse. But turns out it totally is.

  • jeffrey

    thanks for sharing this bad music, *Unlike*

    • khal

      at least we feel the same way about the tune.