Penthouse Penthouse & Chloe Martini – “Closer”

Closer Penthouse

Future bass/beats producer Penthouse Penthouse first appeard on DAD with his number “When It’s Hot” and now he’s back with “Closer.”  Working with Chloe Martini, this was uploaded to SoundCloud yesterday with a release from Soulection. Some funky slap bass provides the basis for a bright shining beat.  Soulection included a note with the track:

Two of our favorite upcoming acts Penthouse Penthouse & Chloe Martini teamed up for this amazing collaborative track that displays where the future of Funk, Soul, and R&B are progressing towards. Forget genres and tags though, this is just purely good music! Between Chloe Martini’s diverse production range and P.P.’s signature R&B/soulful emphasis, this supreme collab makes us wonder what a full EP would sound like! In fact, make sure to pay close attention to these two, the Sound of Tomorrow is looking quite bright.”

We agree.  We’re wondering what a full EP would sound like, and we’re tickled.