Pep Love vs. The Doors – “Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us (Indaskyes The End II Promo Remix)”

Image via TheUntz
Image via TheUntz

My travels as Anonymous Superhero, although shortlived, have already taught me so much, mostly that I have an endless amount of learning still ahead. I know you never stop learning. I am constantly evolving, following music through its very many evolutions as well. I used to look at my paternal grandparents, close hands in helping to raise me and now both deceased, as I listened to gangsta rap at a very young age. As I got older, I would repeatedly ask myself if I would still love rap music in my 60s. I don’t know why it was specifically rap, like the punk and the pop and the headbanging hateful emotional shit I listened to would all still be relevant, but for some reason rap would be too hard to take. Like I would retire from a gang life I never had, or something.

Anyway, as I approach my the middle years of my life, I have realized that I am evolving just as the music is and we are growing together. I also realized that there is no leaving this gang life, even if it is just gangsta rap or hip-hop or trap or instrumental hip-hop. Whatever the fuck it is. I am a rider. Ride or die for rappers just like I am for the rockers and the pop stars and now the electronic DJs and Producers.

These guys are artists, and I am not the only one who has been following them since the days of my youth. After all, rappers bred the entire instrumental hip-hop movement, which has changed the name of the game for any kind of individual with flow, adding beat production and song composition where it used to be about spitting rhymes. It has opened the market wide, and allowed for computer geeks like Jared Lindo from San Jose to use other vocal tracks and produce complicated remixes, mashups, and tracks without having to actually be rappers. Their love for hip-hop/rap, background in music, and technical expertise seem to be the perfect combination of ingredients for something even newer than the trap music of yesterday. 

Indaskyes’ sound is glitchy and dubbed. The bass vibrates in your chest, tickles the inside of your ear drum. His technical skills are on point, and so is his music game. His recent release is technically a mashup, but it is so much more than that. Anyone who mixes the most classic hip hop with the most classic rock surely has more intention than simply to create a mix that will bang in the club.

Well, as the description on this track’s SoundCloud states, “if this is The End (Part II), is going down in a blaze of glory for its 4th anniversary.” Indaskyes made this remix as promotion for a show long with some of the dudes from Hieroglyphics will be riding remixes like this out until the end, whether it is promo for a party, the end of a day or a year, or the end of the world as we know it.

I feel fine. And I feel like I have finally answered this question I continue to pose to myself. As long as we are all evolving with the music as it is evolving, I don’t think there ever won’t be a place for rap music in my life.

Ride or Die.

  • indaskyes

    Thank you for the thoughtful write up and review, I know exactly how you feel. No matter how else I evolve musically or as a person I keep coming back to that RAP!! Word up, PEACE!