Preview AGLORY’s “Tesseract EP.”


Out today on Kodiak Collective is AGLORY’s Tesseract EP, which is a beautiful glance at the evolving bass music scene in the US. Not only are AGLORY’s original tracks on this (“Ajang” and “Suave”) fierce examples of hyper trap music, we get a trio of “Ajang” remixes that highlight how diverse our scene can be.

You have to appreciate the old school lean that AGLORY puts on his tracks, with the keys and classic vibes, but you can also dig into the current/future sound of trap and club music with things like Big Makk‘s remix of “Ajang,” which takes a bit more twisted approach to the trap we hold dear. Kid Cedek takes a Baltimore club approach, bringing the pulsating rhythms while keeping it deep and intoxicating, while Aire Atlantica goes for the electro house vibe, although a bit more subtle than some of the in-your-face bangers out there.

All in all a solid EP, one that should either be solidifying why you love some of these artists or giving you a reason to discover them right now.