Preview Kutz’ “The Zone” EP


If you rocked to Kutz’ “Slammers & Bangers” mix, you’ve heard two of these three new tunes. And you would also know that he’s definitely making 2013 his year. Following up his Rock N Rolla EP for Benga Beats, Kutz has a serious three-tracker for Black Gold, The Zone. The EP leads off with the title track, which releases some bottled up epic in that dips into some Joker-esque purple sounds. The 4×4 kick in “Rodeo” is paired with the dirtiest of the dirty basslines, making this one the obvious party starter on this release. Meeting somewhere in the middle is “Krystal Visions,” which has a dope bounce, full of looped vocal snippets and quick stabs over a pulsating beat. 

Kutz is that dude. Full release on May 6, but you can pre-order today.