Preview Spooky’s “Ghost House Dubz #1″ Single


When it comes to grime, Spooky is an artist that we can’t get enough of. He’s been on the warpath this year, consistently slaying whatever release he gets his name attached to (including DAD’s Jungle Trap release), but not everything of his that’s firing has been released… until now. We’re hoping that this “Ghost House Dubz” thing becomes a series. On June 10 the first edition of “Ghost House Dubz” drops on 10″, limited to 200 copies. Found on this is the Mosca dub of one of Spooky’s biggest tunes, “Spartan,” and by dub we mean DUB. The flipside finds Spooky putting the RIP onto “Gladiator.” Preview both below, and get your pre-orders in early.