Preview the CLMD and The M Machine Remixes of Arty’s “Together We Are”


Arty‘s most recent single “Together We Are” has been one of the hottest records since its February 19 release, and now just as we hit the end of the month, we’ve got two remixes from The M Machine and CLMD. While the original is a straight up euphoric progressive vocal gem, the remixes take a bit of a different turn.

The M Machine takes the uplifting big room melodies and twist them up into a whirlwind before releasing them into a tribal infused down low dub-electro groove. The M Machine has never stuck with one sound and it’s always been a surprise with they come with next, and this time its no surprise either. On the other hand, NYC based Norwegian duo CLMD stuck closer to the original vision with their own uplifting remix. The CLMD remix takes a more traditional progressive house route with it’s big builds and sky-high bounce.

With the Big Beat release of the original and the March 18 release of these remixes, expect to hear these at festivals all summer long.