Proxy – “Raven (Stereothieves Bootleg)”


“Raven” is one of those tunes that passed me by.  The Evol Intent remix was INCREDIBLE, and forced me to go back and find the original when it came out a couple of years ago.  I’m big into dubstep, and liked the flip much better than the original.  So imagine my skepticism when putting my ears to this.  Why would anyone re-do a lesser known track that was remixed perfectly?  And everything I’ve been sent by this Texan duo has been moombahton; I didn’t expect to be nodding my head.

Staying true to the feel of the original, the extra fat is cut off of this record.  We aren’t saying this is simple.  The drums are chopped marvelously.  There’s a fantastic fake drop, which will force any DJ to sit through the second one.  The mix is incredibly crisp.  Stereothieves are a duo that have been making quality records for the past few years.  You should be paying attention.  This one goes in.