Bull Burr’s Anti-EDM Rant Got Turned Into an EDM Song


Do you remember last year when Bill Burr went on Conan and ranted a bit on the Grammys regarding EDM DJs and his disdain for the music? He recently went in again, this time talking about the EDM scene’s popularity on a recent episode of his podcast. While Burr is definitely not wrong, it’s kind of funny Raffael De Luca, a NYC (by way of Florham Park, NJ) producer flipped Burr’s EDM melody mimicry into a song, especially when Burr says that “they could probably turn it into a song.” And again, the best part about Burr’s rant is that he’s not really wrong about the more annoying side of the EDM scene. This is all in good fun; kudos to Raffael on the quick flip as well.

(Laugh Spin)

  • oh jeezus
    • Mikey Muscles

      Which one went completely viral and featured on the Huffington Post? Yea,, “he was too late” lol

      • Andrew Chetram

        Raffael De Luca’s mix is way better that’s why it went viral

  • Andrew Chetram

    I love Bill Burrs dry sarcastic humor, hes popular because he’s so angry about everything, that’s why he’s funny. This is awesome though I feel like DJs should troll haters more often!