Raymond Lam – “Blow”


Very rarely am I amazed by a record. I’ve heard too much to be wowed by anything that isn’t next level. But this tune by Raymond Lam on Ciao Records is nutty. I don’t know what to call it, what to think of it, or what to make of it. His website and the content on it are less than exceptional. The Facebook link on his SoundCloud page doesn’t even work. All of that said, this guy is producing next level songs, and his career will skyrocket when his marketing catches up to his sound.

Raymond Lam is making sick house tunes, but you can hear moombahton and bounce influence in almost everything that’s displayed on his SoundCloud. “Blow” is a fun bouncy tune that’s getting a lot of support from some big names. Everything is in place for Raymond Lam to jump to the next level. Let’s see what his next step is.