Stream Rise At Night’s “Lady Killa” EP by Rise At Night


Messinian is a household name in bass music, as he’s laid down vocals on to a broad range of producers for some really big tracks. We’ve heard him on tracks from Antiserum, Bare, Excision & Downlink, Datsik, SPL, AFK, Mark Instinct, Calvertron, and an endless list of reputable producers. He started to focus on spinning records and producing a couple of years ago, and this might have been the power move. He only has a few thousand followers on SoundCloud, and tens of millions of results on YouTube. The game isn’t as smart as it’s players. But his move to Vegas and change in game plan were both intelligent decisions.

This OG paired with youngster Kezwick, a sick producer that was pretty much born through Dubstep.NET and has been making incredibly large records for the past few years. Pairing a certified legend with a prodigy that isn’t yet old enough to drink is an amazing move. Rise At Night is the collaboration by these two geniuses, and their Lady Killa EP is a collection of jumpy bass tunes that features remixes by Whiiite and Datsik. If you dig this EP, you can catch Rise At Night as part of the Firepower Records tour this year.