Röyskopp & Susanne Sundfor – “Running To The Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix)”


You might be aware of our bromance with Carnage.  We post up literally EVERYTHING he does.  And he’s earned our respect.  Protohype has been incredibly dope for years, pushing the more mainstream dubstep sounds that cater to larger audience.  I can just imagine how this record came about though.  The most RANDOM sample ever.  Röyskopp  is incredibly dope, and an institution.  But sampled track wasn’t received incredibly wellWe envision Carnage being like “ayo imma smash the drums you handle the synths my dude.”  That’s how it sounds in my head.

But this is batty.  A simple piano intro.  Vocals and a pad leading you on a melodic journey, drums pulling the whole thing together, then things just go NUTS.  We were JUST asking for those heavy poppy dubstep records, and this one fits our needs perfectly.  And it’s available as a free download!!  Seriously?