Sazon Booya – “Oye Mami” EP


After being the guys who did the New York Lottery “Cash Blast” commercial, Sazon Booya couldn’t just drop an EP, right? Earlier today, Sazon Booya dropped their Oye Mami EP with four sites: Mad Decent, MTV News, Elektro Daily, and Dancing Astronaut, but we figured we’d just deliver the entire project to you in one shot.

Their Oye Mami EP delves head first into the moombahton sound, which can get just as sexy or intense as you want it to be. It feels like they’ve really crafted some intriguing sounds, not just turning the BPM to 110 and calling it a day. Featured artists include Valentino Khan, DJ Comrade, and Mad Major Melvin, all who help add assorted spices and flavors to the Sazon Booya sound. Muy caliente!

And when you’re done, check out the Mayhem & Moombah documentary, via MTV: