Seven Lions ft. Fiora – “Days to Come (9FEETOFSMOKE Remix)”


9FEETOFSMOKE hails from Santa Barbara California. Though he’s a relatively unknown entity, he’s making some absolutely technical records.  Being a transplant from the heavy metal scene, it was easy for him to identify with the fast tempos and balls to the wall energy encompassed in the heavier sounds of the bubbling underground music scene.

That being said, this song encompasses NONE of what I just mentioned.  It’s as close as you can come to a trap ballad, flipping the Seven Lions tune into an expansive other-worldly experience.  It almost feels like it was chopped and screwed, then stretched back out with sharp-edged drums that somehow don’t cut each other.  This sound is the embodiment of anticipation.  This is a free download, and one that you will revisit years down the road.