Download A-Sides & MC Fats’ Panda Show Mix

Image via A-Sides
Image via A-Sides

A-Sides and MC Fats might be one of the best drum & bass duos, ever. Fats does well with other artists (and just as a vocalist during live shows), but his work with A-Sides has been so bombastic over the the history of the scene. Tracks like “Crazy” are undeniable, but tunes like “What You Don’t Know” are real growers. So hearing that Fats has been through some recent hard times when it comes to his health has been frustrating at best, as he’s had classic material over the years, and really helped inject some soul and personality into the material he’s touched. He’s been battling with diabetes over the last year, and actually had to have one of his legs amputated below the knee. In order to help cushion the blow that these mounting medical bills have placed on him, A-Sides looked to do an all-Fats album, We Gotcha, assembling a crew of artists that have either previously worked with Fats or have some kind of connection with the Singing MC over the years. DJ Die, DJ Bailey, Alix Perez, DJ SS, John B, Break, and countless others have contributed to this project, and We Gotcha LP Combination 1 is a testament to the community that is the drum & bass scene.

Panda called on A-Sides and Fats to sort out a mix for them, and got hit with a 40-minute that’s chock-full of material from this LP, forthcoming We Gotcha bits, and all kinds of heat. Get a primer for the fundraising project for Fats, and just realize how vital of a voice Fats has for the dnb scene.


00:00 – DJ SS & MC Fats – Revival
01:54 – Need For Mirrors, HLZ & MC Fats – BUMP
03:48 – Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris – Dirty 78
05:42 – A Sides & MC Fats – Rebel Rouser (Cabin Fever Remix)
07:37 – A Sides & MC Fats – Dreaming (Serum & Bladerunner Remix)
09:31 – Will Miles & MC Fats – The Last Breath
11:25 – John B & MC Fats – Drop That Rhythm
13:20 – A Sides & MC Fats feat. Regina – What You Don’t Know (Makoto Remix)
15:14 – Vignette – Eveson
17:08 – DJ Zinc & MC Fats – Move That Sound (Mr Joseph Remix)
19:02 – A Sides & MC Fats – Moment In Time (S.P.Y Remix)
20:57 – XRS & MC Fats – Lovin’ (Random Movement Remix)
22:51 – Bailey & MC Fats – For The Love
24:45 – Squarewave & MC Fats – Special Moment (D-Bridge Remix)
26:39 – HLZ, DJ Chef & MC Fats – Souljah
28:34 – Mackadena. MC Random & MC Fats – Around The World (A Sides Remix)
30:28 – Alix Perez & MC Fats – Soulseeker
32:22 – S.I.N & MC Fats – Snuck VIP
34:17 – Mr Explicit & MC Fats – Play That Game
36:11 – A Sides & MC Fats – Crazy (Czekki Remix)
38:05 – Brother & MC Fats – True To You

  • The Colonel

    Go on Fats, a great MC and class act to boot.