And This Is What the Skrillex / Chance The Rapper Collaboration Sounds Like

We hate going into things with proper expectations, but the LAST thing I’d expect to hear from a collaboration between Skrillex and Chance the Rapper was a jungle thing. During his current Brooklyn swing of the Takeover tour, Skrillex dropped his long-awaited collaboration with Chance the Rapper, and instead of going balls-to-the-wall with the dubstep, Skrillex let Chance get his flow on over some chilled jungle stylings. It’s reminiscent of what Rashad and the TEKLIFE camp have been doing in that 160BPM range, diving from juke to trap in a heartbeat. It’s a proper SONG, though, unlike “Wild 4 The Night,” which was essentially A$AP Rocky rapping over a Skrillex track. This is kind of epic, and has us wondering what other bullets Skrillex has in the chamber.

(Pigeons & Planes)

  • razvan

    LTJ Bukem kind of sound

  • Butt Jolokia

    how u gonna call some flat drum and bass a jungle track? you mf are lost, late, and dim. -butt jolokia #1

  • Rising Gemini

    Can’t wait til the studio version song is released

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  • The Colonel

    Definitely a LTJ/Conrad kinda thing. Makes sense though–mid-tempo beats (130) can be hard for rappers to hit (see, e.g., 2 Chains farting out his face in that Robin Thick remix), but 160, that’s twice hip-hop, right in his wheelhouse.

    Crowd isn’t too into it, huh.

    • khal

      Glad to know some of you hear what I was hearing. And it makes sense; think about all of the remixes in the late 90s of rap tracks. Half that dnb speed and the rap vocals fit right over it.

  • Robert

    I can hear some of Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix) in there

  • StarPhox

    Meh, shitty juke at best. Without a doubt not jungle though.

  • BigDik187

    that shit sound gay as fuck fuck this trash ass shit fuck both them niggas for real this is some trash
    the funny shit is looking at the people in the crowd they dont fuck with the shit n lookin at that nigga like he fuckin suck cuz that what this shit is fuckin sucks

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  • Brian Andrew Smith

    all love and respect to rashad, chicago has lost a great one, but this ain’t juke.

    I hope to god these edm “djs” don’t start creating a shrine to rashad like all the hip hop “djs” did with dilla.

    Most of these cats had no idea about rashad until he died.