Sounds of Assembly: Electronic Music Inspired by the Ford Focus

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We have some pretty random people reach out to us, but getting an email from the PR team at an automotive company was a new one.  We’re glad they reached out though, as they partnered with Paxahau, the promotion company for Detroit’s Movement Festival to usher in a really cool project that allowed Detroit residents Secrets and Ataxia free reign of Ford’s assembly plant in Michigan to sample sounds at will, and the musical results are quite incredible.

This was shot in Wayne, Michigan inside a 50-year-old, five million square foot plant where these two producers are thrown into a foreign situation to find inspiration in audio.  Not only do we get to see what sounds are enticing to producers, but we also have the privilege to get a look at a plant that keeps on ticking despite economic hardships for the industry.  This collaboration is done exactly the way it should always be done, by reaching out to underground artists through a reputable source in an effort to connect the dots between commerce and culture.

Check out this video documenting the process, and make sure to stream and download the records below: