Stream DZC CREW’s – “Deep in Zouk Bass” EP

dzc crew

Portugese act Buraka Som Sistema are a large part of the equation for  some of those wild eclectic vibes at Mad Decent. The duo has shined a light on the burgeoning zouk bass scene.  Zouk bass combines UK bass and zouk music to bring a moombah-esque tribal vibe to the dancefloor.  Generation Bass has been leading the pack in exploring this new sound, and has released a number of tracks this week, including the DZC Crew’s Deep In Zouk Bass EP.  This EP features four introductory zouk bass tracks that will give you a primer on this style.  These tracks in particular showoff a bleepy minimal rhythm found in old-school Dutch house tracks along with a deep bass groove bounce keeping it moving.

(Generation Bass)