Stream Hostage’s “Generous” EP


What can we say about Hostage that we’ve not already said? Well, I can say that I’m glad I caught wind of his music this year. Full disclosure: I wasn’t a house head growing up. I needed those raw beats and basslines; I was forever partial to jungle and drum & bass music, and I have a feeling that the older I get, the more my tastes have grown, and Hostage’s music is a huge part of the appreciation of house I’ve gained slowly over the last few years. He knows how to knock out proper basslines and keep things interesting, with less of the “cheese” and more of the bounce. Over his last few releases, we’ve seen him plunge deeper into the more eerie side of house music, making tracks that you can rock to, but stuff you can get lost within while on the train or sitting in your room, properly in deep thought. His Generous EP dropped this week on Origami Sound, and cuts like “Tuning Haze” live up to that eerie sound perfectly. It’s not some frightening flavor, just stuff that’s not so bubblegum and daises. Thinking man beats. Stream the full EP below, then purchase it. Spice up your sets.