EXCLUSIVE: Subglo – “AWN (Jack Deezl Remix)”

Image via Jack Deezl
Image via Jack Deezl

Jack Deezl has gone from making unique glitchy tunes to using bits of the elements he built his brand on to build really incredible melodic tunes on top of.  His records are really sounding much different than they were a year ago.  Less experimental.  More pointed.  This Philly resident has been holed up in the studio for the past few months on grind mode, and the output is consistent.  This one is a funky flip of a record from Brooklyn bass duo Subglo, and it’s the right amount of posi-vibe to lead you into your weekend.  It’s a Do Androids Dance exclusive, and available for free download below.

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  • VonDeepest

    Jack Deezle is a phenomenal artist who has been killing it on the production side of things for the last few months with an amazing output of several remix’s and original tracks a week. I love that he’s getting recognition on this site but I truly believe that DAD has had much better opportunities to showcase his talent than this track in particular. Not that this isn’t a fantastic remix, just simply that he’s put out much better work recently. Such as: “Sleepfordayssss” or “In Solitude”

    I’m also quite surprised that Subglo hasn’t gotten nearly as much recognition in the blog sphere as I think they should have. They’re amazingly talented artists and if you get a moment consider doing a write up on their most recent track: “Silly”