Download Swagglerock’s Run The Trap Guest Mix


SwaggleRock is a duo comprised of Buzz Trillington and Shooter McNappin, two of the trillest dudes from upstate New York.  Quiet as kept, they were largely responsible for popularization of the 100 BPM twerk movement with their We Keep It series, and are curating some incredible tunes.  Their transition records are also one of my hidden cheat codes.  You can check how easily their edits make it to bounce between tempos on my recent mix for Sway In The Morning, if there’s any doubts about my opinion.  Maybe I’m biased, but whatever.

That said, they’ve absolutely demolished their guest mix for Run The Trap truly flexes why these two guys should be relevant.  An absolute mastery of thumping club tunes that still keep their underground roots is displayed here, and they run through nearly three dozen tunes in under an hour.  There’s a shitload of exclusives, including an edit of a JSTJR flip of Flosstradamus‘ Mosh Pit that isn’t even out yet, and a stack of SwaggleRock edits and originals.  My boys are on the move, and it’s incredible to watch.  You can download or stream below: