Swindle ft. Terri Walker – “Running Cold (Roni Size Remix)”

Image via Deep Medi Musik
Image via Deep Medi Musik

First off, it feels like eons since Swindle‘s Long Live The Jazz album dropped. Maybe it got swept up in the hype of other album-length releases, but if that release isn’t in your “Best of 2013″ lists, you’re bugging. I was also initially confused at Roni Size getting the remix on this, but when I smacked myself in the face and remembered how important Roni’s work with jazz in a dance music mindset was for the dnb community, I figured it made sense in this lane. And it does, in spades. He has a knack for funky bass and great vocals, and punching the laidback vibes into a driving drum & bass cut works. Those looking for more pre-’97 Roni will probably be disappointed, but if you were a fan of the later Full Cycle releases, this is all yours. It sticks well to the source, and puts a bright shine on the track in its entirety. Deep Medi has this dropping on December 2, so scoop this one up this week!


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    Poor Roni. He’s one of far too many former DnB greats who got caught in the tragic loop of making the same tired song over and over again. Even now, now that the sound has moved on, he’s stuck in exactly the same place.