T-Pain & Juicy J – “Bad B***hes (ZBRA Remix)”

Image via ZBRA
Image via ZBRA

This remix comes from white and black stripes without an E, producer ZBRA, a New Jersey native transplanted to the dirty south. Trapping out melodically and lyrically in this tough remix of “Bad Bitches,” featuring the famous auto-tune of T-Pain alongside Juicy J and Trey Songz. A lot of sounds coming through, and so many ridiculous phrases like “speaking Puerto Rican,” or something about the sound of a Bugatti.

And a whole lot of spending money, and getting money, a whole lotta of money (and a whole lotta precious time?). But not, just a money and chips and spinning and winning it and swag swag swag. Drop it low and bounce. Throw out those bows and wave them back and fourth.

It gets pretty crazy after a beginning packed with lyrical flow and into a real jiggly, wiqqly ass-shaking drop. And in comes the slow motion chorus uttering the hook, all deep and basstastic. The track picks up right away with whirls into an array of oh so many hotlanta trap/twerk sounds.

It is right up my alley, and the beats that take you out to the end on this track are a real gem that solidify this track as bouncy and dirty and trappy from beginning to end.