Ta-ku – “Krule Love”


Ta-ku keeps the Songs To Break Up To promo going with his latest freebie, a King Krule-sampling number that feels just as lazy and sullen as waking up to a bright sun after a long night drinking… but being next to someone that you’re infatuated with. That painful smile spreading across your face, you tip toe around the bed to do something special for them without waking up. Don’t burn the toast! Get their coffee just right (two sugars and some cream), snip a brightly-colored flower and slip it into a small vase because why not. You come back to the bedroom, tray in hand and delight in your “yoo-hoo!,” only to find nothing but a note with the words “my bad, I had to skate” written on it. Krule love. You’ve been there. And as you eat your wonderfully-prepared breakfast-in-bed, go ahead and make that meal for two a feast for one. It’s all good. Songs To Break Up To, October 8.


(Pigeons & Planes)