Download Taste Tester and HYDRABADD’s “NiceRender!” Tour Promo Mix


Taste Tester and HYDRABADD are gearing up for a tour, and this mix is their warning shot.  Dive into a quick 21 minute set of diverse bass music from this extremely talented group of guys from Georgia.  The tracklist on this deserves a golf clap though.  Anyone that has the balls to put two tracks from Migos in one mix of bass music has a place in my heart.

As you devour this mix, evaluate the empty spots on their debut tour (which you can see down below).  Taste Tester and HYDRABADD spun this mix back to back, are in motion to damage clubs, and have a ton of openings.  Let your local promoters know if you want them in your town!  We need DJs with diverse sounds representing our culture outside of these Internets.


1. Le Youth – Cool (DJ Sliink Remix)
2. Taste Tester x Lockah – U Don’t Know Me
3. HYDRABADD – Sanctuary (Taste Tester Remix)
4. Migos – Hannah Montana (Austin Millz Remix)
5. HYDRABADD – Ice Chasm
6. 813 – Village
7. Taste Tester x Treekeeper – 6AM PS2
8. Migos – Chinatown
9. Thriftworks – Pistols and Crystals
10. Giraffage – Wasting Yr Time (NO EYES Sega Witch Remix)

“Nice Render!” Tour
East Coast USA / Canada
July 2013

Dates are still available for Booking:

7/18 – Asheville, NC
7/19 – ?
7/20 – NYC
7/21 – ?
7/22 – ?
7/23 – Boston, MA
7/25 – Montreal, QC
7/26 – Montreal, QC
7/27 – NYC
7/29 – Philadelphia, PA
7/30 – ?
8/3 – Atlanta, GA