PREMIERE: Technicolor Lenses – “Eyes In the Sky”


This past Friday, we premiered the “Final Frontier: Summer 2013″ mix from Technicolor Lenses, which included a clip of their track “Eyes In the Sky,” which was officially premiered the next night during Schlang’s show in Brooklyn on Saturday. If you’ve not heard it, “Eyes In the Sky” is a pretty intriguing track; it’s a mixture of electronic music and hip-hop, but it has a solid message: Getting people aware of the United Nations’ International Day of Peace on September 21. The International Day of Peace has been going on since 1981, and Technicolor Lenses member Jackson Whalen works with the United Nations through their Railroad Street Youth Project. He penned some compelling rhymes that deal with education being necessary to formulate a peaceful world. There are lyrics kicked in Spanish, a hypnotic rhythm track, and an underlying message that’s undeniable. Shouts to Technicolor Lenses for providing something positive and uplifting for what can be a harsh world. (Hit Page 2 for the full press release on this track.)