The Upbeats & Noisia – “Loudmouth”


A little creep in the intro never hurt anyone. To celebrate The UpbeatsPrimitive Technique album release on their Vision imprint, Noisia gave away another collaboration with The Upbeats, “Loudmouth.” Pair this up with “Clamber” and you’ve got a great free single… and DAD wonder what a Noisia x The Upbeats album would sound like. “Loudmouth” is super aggro, with bass that tears like a wicked guitar solo atop some great live-sounding drums. Do Noisia and The Upbeats work in a rock band that we’re unfamiliar with? Let DAD find out…

  • Janet

    Also known as “Girls leave the dancefloor . . .”

    • khal

      Maybe you and your clique. There are a lot of females who love some good, hard drum & bass.