The Widdler – “Martian Ambassador”


San Fransisco’s MalLabel continues to wow us with their ability to pull amazing records, and their latest from the Tel Aviv-born/Texas-based producer The Widdler continues this audible flex. Ogo is a 6 track release that’s predominately dubstep, and definitely different from anything we’ve ever heard.  Abnormal synths sit atop heady bass lines throughout this entire offering, and the final product absolutely smacks.  “Martian Ambassador” is a throwback to the time when dubstep was still bubbling in the underground, a no frills heater with classic sounds and signature reverb to appease true enthusiasts.  And while Ogo is a Beatport exclusive, you should know that another freebie called “Lobster Trap” is sitting on MalLabel’s SoundCloud, a wonky trap-esque tune with euphoric water droplet sounds and fierce low end.  You can snag that, then grab the free download of “Martian Ambassador” below as well, but as always, we’re hoping that you pop over to Beatport to support incredible independent music from a forward thinking label if you can.