The Wright Brothers – “A$VP”


Let’s take a moment and evaluate how horrible my organization is. If a track doesn’t come with a stream (you’re asking me to download a song to listen to it), it goes into a folder that I only get around to gutting every couple of weeks. Once sorted, I only get familiar with these tunes as they play in my car. I’m a mess.

This one came on and I was wondering why I was listening to a poppy rap record. And as the drop came in, my mind was blown. I searched for the track name in my inbox. To no avail. And there was no artist name. I posted a video of the tune on instagram and asked if anyone knew who made it. Nothing. But a reminder email to check the tunes was sitting in the bottom of my inbox. As I’m gutting it out last night I’m like “AHHHHHHH”. I asked for a download link, and saw it sitting in my inbox this morning.

We have no clue who Wright Brothers are. There are almost as many followers as there are tracks on their soundcloud page, and no bio whatsoever. I’m sitting here scratching my head. But this one is insane, and available for free download.