Tiësto & MOTi – “Back To The Acid”


Had I listened to this without knowing the names on it, I wouldn’t have guessed for the life of me who this was.  Superstar Tiësto has teamed up with MOTi to bring to life their new collaboration, “Back To The Acid.”  The result is a super awesome banger and it’s another sign that the acid sound is coming back strong.  Dog Blood and Knife Party are some of the biggest names infusing the sound into their releases as well, so if you don’t believe us, you’re fooling yourself.  This has a grind to it that the festival-sized big time cheese just doesn’t have.  It’s the sort of straight-up dance music I think America might finally be ready for. There’s nothing too complicated about this (well, production aspects aside); it’s straight-forward party music and I think it’ll fit well in summer sets in those late night warehouses.  It’ll be worth noting where this pops up over the summer sets so keep an eye out for it and let us know!

“Back to the Acid” will be released on Musical Freedom on June 11.