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Image via FADER
Image via FADER

Earlier this year, RP Boo knocked out a mix for FACT that featured strictly RP Boo footwork tunes, and it’s one of the best things we heard in 2013. Traxman has practically done the same thing, dropping a MEAN footwork journey for FADER that’s strictly his own bits. Much of it is from The Architek, but these forthcoming Lit City Trax tunes? Murder. Straight murder. If you want to know why we feel that footwork is part of the wave of the future, this is why. So many layers of amazing.


Traxman – Buddha Muzic [Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Year 2013
Traxman – This Shit Go Hard [Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Nothing Stays The Same [forthcoming Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Keep On Makin It [forthcoming Lit City Trax]
Traxman – 2200 Acid [Lit City Trax]
Traxman – I Need Some Money VIP
Traxman – 911 Was A Joke [forthcoming Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Survive [forthcoming Lit City Trax]
Traxman – All I Feel [Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Da Humanbeat Boxx 2014 [forthcoming Lit City Trax]
Faze Miyake – Take Off (Traxman’s ‘My Two Step’ mix)
Traxman – Lend Me Your Ears
DJ Rashad – Reverb (Traxman remix)
Traxman – Hold It [Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Lets Take It To Tha Stage
Traxman – Overrated
Traxman – Take That Brother Darkness
Traxman – Speed Of Light
Traxman – Making Me Itch
Traxman – That Bitch
Traxman – We Can Go Anywhere [Lit City Trax]
Traxman – You’re Just Movin [forthcoming Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Bleep 2014 [forthcoming Lit City Trax]
Traxman – Super Heat
Traxman – Footworking On Air VIP
Traxman – Tha Tekk DJ’z
Traxman – Bout That Life
Traxman – Never Came Out
Traxman – Lose Control
Traxman – Saving The World
Traxman – Step Back
Traxman – Somebody Help

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    It’s just sooooo one note.