UZ x Aazar – “Shake”

Image via UZ
Image via UZ

UZ has made his name ring as the masked trap maven… so what the hell are we doing getting twerk tracks from him? We’re not sure, but this tune “Shake” with Aazar is… something. Using an ultra-familiar “shake whatcha momma gave ya” sample, tons of 808s, and an awkward, ever-changing melody, “Shake” is… something. I don’t want to be that guy that’s all “stay in your lane,” but we already have enough people producing trap and twerk. If you can excel at one (which UZ has), that doesn’t mean you need to jump into the other.

(This Song Is Sick)

  • The Colonel

    He’s outside his lane yet somehow still managing to sound like 1000 tracks that have come before . . .

  • hdfh

    fuck all that, the old 140bpm uz was getting old. when i saw him live the other night his 100bpm tracks were crazzy, i cant wait till they all come out