Stream Varsity’s New Terrorhythm Single, “Grunt” / “Lingerer Dub”


We got a preview of this Varsity project back on Christmas when they dropped “Kim.”  But I don’t really know how many of us really expected the debut official release of Colta and Patrick Brian’s collaboration to feel this much like what the future of bass music SHOULD sound like.  Obviously that’s my opinion but I’ll be honest that it got cemented when I caught their set at the Terrorhythm Recordings showcase at SXSW.  First day in town on maybe two and a half hours of sleep and I walk in to Barcelona to these guys laying down what literally felt like Marty McFly on a hoverboard.   The best thing about this scenario is now you can hear it too as I’m extremely happy to be premiering their release on DAD.

There are multiple layers to the sounds contained within these two tracks. “Grunt” hits you with grime, club and techno all at once and it makes all the sense in the world.  Add in the haunting vocal sample dripping with delay and reverb and it’s immediately a tune that will turn your head and say “WTF is THIS right here?.”  “Lingerer Dub” tosses in some ballroom hits to the fold and ups the overall intensity.  It’s a little more of a DJ weapon than “Grunt” but both cuts are incredibly high on the wow factors.  Overall feels, if you’re buying any tunes today… make these the are first two tracks you peep.  This project is truly something special.