Vonzie x Prince Fox – “Bottles”


One great thing about this position is really being able to witness a producer’s growth and even better I get to take some personal investment in it. Vonzie first appeared on DAD early into the summer, and has appeared a few times since. Today he’s back after collaborating with Prince Fox and the result is “Bottles.”

“Bottles” features Vonzie and Prince Fox’s knack for creative sampling as they took the sound of blowing on a bottle and threw it in sampler and beefed it up with some tightly wound reverb and EQing. The track itself manifests as a bouncy, trap-inspired riddim. A fresh idea and tight execution are exactly what made this track work.

Vonzie remarked that he and Fox, “wanted to capture the anxious moment of the night where you’re left unfilled” and that “the sound of an empty bottle is sort of like times up.”  Vonzie continued saying that part of the inspiration came from wanting to provide the other side of currently prevailing “turn up” culture and that the idea behind Bottles was to “touch upon the  the other sides of the experience – not hitting it off with a girl, comedowns, etc.

Well thought-out ideas and concepts met with first rate production is the stuff champions are made of.  Vonzie and Prince Fox know that.