Who Is Fantastic Modern?


We don’t know anything at all about Fantastic Modern.  THUMP covered him a couple of weeks ago but had no information on him other than that his Facebook page had been up for nearly a year, but generally inactive.  Even with that push on THUMP, this Toronto-based producer only has 47 SoundCloud followers and just over 300 Facebook likes, and this doesn’t have the vibe of a producer that is quietly being pushed by a PR firm to generate numbers.  The production quality and musicality is too good to be a random upload that just got pulled up to the big leagues, though, and we’re left confused.  Upon reaching out, I was given permission to upload this tune, and shot links for records from a forthcoming project that he asked that I not share.  They’re as amazing as “A.G.E.N.D.A.,” a posi-vibe disco house tune with a laid back swing and gorgeous vocals, but no additional information was given out at all.  You can download it for free in exchange for a Facebook like by clicking the purchase link below, and we’ll keep you in the loop as new tunes follow from this mysterious producer.