Who is j.melllow_?


I know as much as you. Nothing except that I know that j.mellow appeared on my soundcloud feed via repost from Philadelphia’s own Krueger. j.mellow’s SoundCloud so far only contains two tunes, “dark walk ha” and “count ‘em.” Both tunes sort of fit the mysterious producer’s one tidbit of info (“i’m a minimalist”) with their sparse yet hard-hitting arrangements and productions.

“dark walk ha” is a dark club track made for legit underground raves that your parents warned you about. The absolutely pounding rhythm is unrelenting and unforgiving – not for the faint of heart:

“count ‘em” is similar in tone and style, yet structurally resembles something much closer to techno – regardless, still smashing:

Again, we don’t have any info beyond this post, but best be sure we’ll share that when we have it!