XXYYXX Has a Production Credit on Trinidad James’ “10 Pc Mild” Mixtape


Orlando’s XXYYXX is one of the best and brightest of those who can’t legally drink. The young producer has already been on tour and ingratiated himself with the Brainfeeder camp with the success of his stunning self-titled album.  Unsatisfied, XXYYX linked up with Trinidad James to let the Molly-poppin’, gold-wearin’ rapper put some interlude magic on his track “Alone.”  The re-vamped track appears on Trinidad’s new mixtape, 10 Pc Mild.

  • Bread

    shouts out to trinidad james for taking an awesome song and just talking over it for 4 minutes.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      lol it’s not even just talking, it’s damn near like a radio soap opera or something.