EXCLUSIVE: Yung Deaux x Ziploc Holmes ft. Diesel Dynamite – “Everyday”

ZH x YD - Everyday ART

We’re not quite sure what “future juug” is, but it’s a new brand of music that’s growing in Atlanta, and this collective has their hands in it. Ziploc Holmes is a name that I’m unaware of, but vocalist Diesel Dynamite’s mention of the Freakstep collective and their logo on this artwork connects the dots for us, and we see a familiar face in Yung Deaux on the co-production credits.  Outside of this, all parties are silent on details, and simply asked that the music speak for itself.  It’s wavy trap music built to entrance, and it’s the next level of dope.  I’m going to spend some time twisting arms and getting answers here, but you can feel free to share, stream, or download this Do Androids Dance exclusive in the meantime.