Zeds Dead – “Hadouken”

Image via Zeds Dead
Image via Zeds Dead

In case you forgot about them like you forgot about Dre, Toronto’s Zeds Dead is back in trap music form. Have these monsters of dubstep been able to make the transition work? Yes. Hell yes. This track is basically a lesson in sound design mastery. That was always one of their strong points and the reason why they came to be one of the biggest names in dubstep music. It’s no surprise they could bring these talents to trap since (I’m gonna say it) trap music is just dubstep, minus the wobble, with added snare rolls. People thought dubstep was over but they still wanted epic halftime shit. Anyway, that leaves room for producers like Zeds Dead, and they fill that space quite well.

  • Higha Level

    This Article IS A Joke & The Person Who Wrote It IS A Joke As Well

    Trap & Dubstep Aint The Same Only A MAcaroni & Ketchup Caker House Dj On Church St Like Walmer Would Think That Because Walmer Has No Clue About Trap Or Dubstep

    Walmer IS A Macaroni & Ketchup Caker House Dj On Church St That Started Listening To Electronic Music AFter Put Your Hands Up For Detroit & Start Listening To Dybstep After Skrillex & To Trap After Bangs Take Me To The Movies He Cant On Any Music Hes A Cracker Wearing Kneepads