Zubuntu – “Los Alamos Wolves”


Zubuntu, 19-year-old Aberdeen native makes his DAD debut with “Los Alamos Wolves” released via Lockah and Bones & Money’s Tuff Wax Records. The new Bristol club concoction that is “Los Alamos Wolves” takes on a hip-hop and hard-hitting, breakdance-y flavor. Personally speaking, listening to this track conjures up imagery like an open plain in the southwest. An eeriness to it, but oddly disquieting that it’s refreshing compared to much of the repetitive EDM banger stuff championed by the DJ Mag 100. Makes sense as it’s the the 7th edition in the TUFF TRAX series, following the likes of T_A_M, Moist Ghost, Bones & Money, Jaw Jam, and Lockah.