10 Footwork Artists You Need to Know

rashad spinn rbma li 10 Footwork Artists You Need to Know

The sound of juke and footwork aren't anything new, but for some reason this feels like their time to shine. DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn of the Ghetto Teknitianz crew have been putting on for Chicago and the entire sound via their string of releases for dynamic labels like Hyperdub, as well as recent tours of Europe and a great showing at this year's Pitchfork Festival. Artists like RP Boo are also emerging and getting the proper respect, and with artists like Machinedrum experimenting with jungle and juke at the same damn time, we have a feeling the footwork and juke scenes will only grow. You know what that means? It's time to get educated. Get to know 10 of the footwork scene's finest, from the pioneers who paved the way to the new breed of footwork producers that will be pushing the scene to new heights.

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  • Darnell Payne

    I am one of the god fathers of the footwork movement and I am overjoyed to read about these great men without the conributions there would be no footwork. Back in the day when we were recording our performance music on tonemaster cassetecassettes these djs were creating music that fit our style speeding up songs and sampling to bring life to out performance. Thanks for shining light on the co founders of the footowork juke movement (uphiu founder Darnell S.Payne

    • khal

      we’d love to hear your story at some point as well.

  • Jaelen Javier Horne

    DJ Rashad’s “Kush Ain’t Loud” pushed me into footwork. Also Tim and Barry for hosting them on their show! Big upz.

    • khal

      “kush ain’t loud” is one of my favs from Rashad’s album.

  • Clenton DjClent Hill

    thanx for the love and support!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FurbySong

    Strange music and not something I can dance to, but I’m so glad there is a grassroots effort to start something fresh and different from the norm. Nice list, made for some very interesting listening.

  • http://soundcloud.com/the-colonel-mc The Colonel

    Quality list, but what about the new breed? Dawn Day Night, Murderbot, Sinistarr, Calculon, Deft, Manni Dee; etc.

    • khal

      They’re all great, and we’ve covered many of them. Why not start at the core and work our way outwards, though?

  • ġhostdirtyb.