10 Rappers We Actually Want to Hear on Some Dubstep

rap dubstep li 10 Rappers We Actually Want to Hear on Some Dubstep

We recently looked at collaborations that we feel didn't need to happen. While many of you agree, there was some discussion about A$AP Rocky and Skrillex's "Wild 4 the Night," both internally and out there in the public. There's just something about hip-hop and dubstep acts coming together that we feel needs to be done right (meaning an actual collaboration) or not done at all. That got us thinking: which rappers do we really want to see working with dubstep artists? Which MCs could give a proper performance over that style of beat, and still keep their core fans interested? Here's our list of rappers that we actually want to hear on some dubstep.

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  • Adriux

    Where the fuck is Childish Gambino?

  • joel

    lil wayne?!?! drake?!?! :-/ i want what ever it is that you guys are smoking immediately…

  • Mike Andrews

    @c274ca42984d99a840d78e7522d4e69c:disqus Do or Die – Flux Pavilion & Childish. you’re welcome.

  • josephtruppa

    This article should have been named, “I Don’t Know Anything About Rap”

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Only if you change your name to “notmakingsenseintheDADcommentssection”

  • Spotliteonu