10 Reasons We Hate the New SoundCloud

soundcloud logo 10 Reasons We Hate the New SoundCloud

I hate the new Soundcloud. The change from classic Soundcloud to this new layout turned a functional and cool way to share music into a full-blown platform with features that we ultimately have no use for. Because we like to ensure our angry rants are valid, we waited a couple months after the Beta release became permanant to form an opintion. I reached out to Soundcloud and let them know exactly what sucked about it (consider me the voice of the young people), and actually got a response. Go figure.

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  • Valerio

    If you have a lot of free time, go to work and improve soundcloud for us!
    Cheers soundcloud addicted!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/DJIronMikeNJ D.j. Iron Mike

    I agree on the spam tip totally. Everyday, I get the same inbox messages from one cat named “ampkilla” and some other tool named “neon taylor”… even after unfollowing these cats, I still get notifications about their “hot” new track. Madd annoying.

    • Desjay Desjay

      People still use “Cat”?
      I thought that died in the early 70′s.

      • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

        old souls.

  • jimhall909er

    I get tired of the spam for this site called Subvil. they blocked me on Facebook when I called them out.

  • vladimir Putin

    soundcloud sucks ass. i cant find real music from bands like metallica, megadeth, korn, disturbed, five finger death punch…

  • http://agieltriono.blogspot.com agiltriono

    soundcloud bitchhh !!!