10 Reasons Why DJs Over 40 Control EDM

tong oakenfold tiesto li 10 Reasons Why DJs Over 40 Control EDM

We're not blind; hell, we make sure we keep our ears to the street, searching out the new talent that can't legally buy beer... or even vote in America. When you're realistic about the EDM scene, especially in America, you have to admit: The older DJs run this shit. The same DJs that were headlining raves in the 1990s are still going strong in 2013, and if you told some of your friends that legendary DJs like Carl Cox or Fatboy Slim were coming to town, we imagine many of them would be making sure they'd get their tickets. With so many considering EDM as being the music of the youth, why is it that so many adults have a hold on the scene?

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  • DJ Todd G

    This is one of the best lists I have read on here….and I definitely agree with #3, the older guys have put in the work and developed proper DJ skills. I am a huge fan of the technology available today but am also very grateful for my years digging in crates and learning how to spin on 1200′s. Excellent article guys….

  • Justin

    Very well put. I really enjoyed this article.

  • Zachary Sinkus

    True Story. All of it.

  • Dj Bobby Ewing

    Great article. Every word is true. Amen

  • gardog66

    love the read…CHEERS!

  • The Klee

    It’s called experience dipshit. I’m 56 years old and can still rock the house. The ability to read a crowd is gained through trial and error.

    You’re like my kids they have some talent and think they know it all.

    • H8er

      i lend my fathers computer, get hold of a big harddrive, and vacuum the net for free music on torrentsites, and rip stuff of utube. download as much crap i possibly can, dont matter if its in 96, 128 or 256 kbps as noone seem to be bothered.

      i then underbid the local talent djs, asking the venueowners for beer as i cant buy it legally, or pussy as i cant buy it legally,

      and as soon as i turn my computer on, im a DJ

      Hahaha or so many of them thinks.

      Nothing beats oldtimers and what we know

      young guys want to be a dj, in a splitsecond, but dont want to go the distance, they have no edurance, what they now call GIG, we called coffebreak, when you stand in the booth “alone” no back to back, collab or annoiing 2guy one mixer shit, and spin music for 6-8 hours as not much as a break to go to the john, then you can call yourself an enduro dj.

      Today younger guys can be compared to “skaters” as both types like and diggs BOARDS!

  • Simon Harris

    What’s true of Pete Tong, Oakenfold and Norman Cook is that they are HARD WORKERS, they know their stuff and have been on a mission for many years, gigging, producing and doing radio shows non stop. Pete has always taken everything very seriously, determined to get everything right and this is the result, it’s no fluke, it’s hard work. Also most importantly, they have all spent years running labels and they know how to market artists, they are now applying that experience to themselves.

  • John England

    Can’t agree with this article more. Can’t tell you how many kids I’ve seen come flaming into the scene only to burn out in a year or two. #7 years later, I’m still here!

  • John England

    Can’t agree with this article more. Can’t tell you how many kids I’ve
    seen come flaming into the scene only to burn out in a year or two. 37
    years later, I’m still here!

  • RevJoE

    well I’m 55 and I have tons of fun spinning my music for everyone young and old and I’m the oldest DJ I know but I do know a few that just turned 40….Rev. JoE’s Chill Factor

    • H8er

      You get a creeplabel around 30, then it grows til around 40, at 50 the coolnessfactor turns on and if you manage to live trough 60, 70 then the real pussy and money will drop in.

      i know men in their 60s that dj, and they hit more teenageass in a month then many of us do in a lifetime.

      So hang in there, i feel its some sort of act regarding discrimination of age going on in some places, clubpromotors want new fresh meat for the grinder, so they dont really care if the guy sux donkeyballs as long as hes good looking and can charm the ladies.

      Older guys have to let go, as long as you now superstar, then you kan work til you die, almost.

  • http://thatmarriedguy.com/ Married Guy Matt

    As someone who covers EDM artists as a photographer and a ‘consumer’ of EDM. This article is completely spot on and what I’ve experienced being around these guys both on stage and backstage. The experience, drive and confidence in what they do shows and I’m glad this is being pointed out.

  • Jake Silver

    Right on I have actually experienced the difference between the music as I’m an avid enthusiast and rave go-er


    And then some people actually work for a living. Spending your life like Peter Pan in some fantasy world of nocturnal living is no life. It’s a fad for most but it’s a very fake world to live in. To be that “guy” who was a famous DJ is not much of a legacy. And for the record, this is coming from someone who has thrown shows and headlined parties for 25 years. The easiest way to earn a buck is most often the worst way to earn a buck. <lifelessons

    • khal

      I’d say you’re talking about something different. This is looking specifically at why someone with years in the EDM game would be in a controlling position. You’re talking about the after effects (or during effects if you will).

    • H8er

      Real djs work for a living, fakes just push buttons and want to get payed even if they dont show up.

  • Really?

    LOL Nappy talking about Tech 1200s and he rocks a fisher price controller.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      LOL at you assuming that someone using a Vestax controller now means they’ve never used Techs then.

  • NoWay

    If you’re older than 30 and still spending lots of time in the clubs, its time to find new hobbies. I always laugh seeing guys vloser to 40 than 20 still trying to party with the kids.

    • Guest

      That’s because you are opinionated. The top of the industry came from the late 90′s and early 2000′s. If they are still dj’ing and producing, they are probably making fire tunes (Virus, C4C, Gridlok, Teebee, Calyx just to name a few). If you see people in their late 30′s in an EDM club it’s because they probably still love the music. EDM started more than a decade ago and when it started most fans were young adults. It’s a bit idiotic to fault someone for continuing to like a genre of music because you have some odd notion that age has anything to do with it.

    • H8er

      No problem what so ever, and its not particular hard to slapp some teenage ass as well, but you need some swagga for that, girls or women dont appreciate loosers.

      So thats your problem, you see age, we see the person, thats why we succeed every time, and again, and again

      FYI, i love children, but im not a pedohile, you are a kid when you are 15, but a yonger adult at 18 so its a big big difference

      The age shouldnt be the issue in question, its the persons and their intentions.

      I love music, good looking girls or women, if they fancy me, fine no problem, and i have no beef with younger or older guys that visit the club as long as they behave and dont start any trouble.

  • StevenWMason

    If you’re a younger adult and you don’t like the creepy old guys that go to clubs to pick up women, that’s one thing. But, to fault people in their late 30′s is just asinine. EDM started when we were your age. It isn’t new to us. We didn’t just show up. We built the foundation on what is made today. This isn’t a “respect your elders” or “know your roots” speech, but the mentality that people can’t love the same genre they’ve always loved just because some years went by is pretty idiotic.

    • H8er

      But if you are a creepy teenage girl that visit clubs for older men in the persuit of cock and money, i guess its allright then?

    • H8er


      EM = Electronic music, started when Jesus ran around in his shorts.

      There is nothing called EDM, thats just a term that stupid people uses when their vocabulary faults or get a bluscreen.

  • COYI!

    If you’re over the age of 19 and you use the phrase ‘EDM’ you are quite frankly, an idiot

    • H8er

      Dont matter what age you are in, its stupid and a sign of beeing an idiot of using that term PERIOD

  • Corky Traxman Strong


    • khal


    • H8er

      Hahaha, you think, EDM is a conception between dubstep, neurostep and techno, so that house and trance would be included is BULLSHIT!

      Stop using terms you obviously know little about!


    No, the ability to read a crowd is gained through knowing what the public wants, what you want to play and the ability to spot which tracks within your style of music would do well on the dancefloor. Age is just one factor of a dozen other factors you want to possess to know what will break down a club. Experience is important, but don’t act all arrogant because of your age fits the article, because there are tons of other factors you’ll need to make it as a dj and/or producer.

  • 80sbaby

    I grew up in Boston during the 90′s and I can remember all the legends of that time Tiesto, Judge Jules, Sasha and Digweed, Mauro Picotto, Marco V, Ferry Corsten, etc playing at parties and clubs like Avalon. I laugh at the now ridiculous criticism of Deep Dish when they became on of the first major acts to only use CD-DJs. And Lost my mind the first time I heard Cosmic Gates “Exploration of Space” or Scot Project’s remix of “Thunder in Paradise”. Last night I went to see Hardwell with Fedde La Grande, Dyro and Dannic and I have this to say about the older party-goers. The average 25-33 yr old seems to be more about the music than most other fans. I think this goes along with older DJs being the ones that run things, that as was stated, they are the ones whose love of the music is so great they would probably DJ and create new sets in their own homes if they couldnt get a booking. That love of the music is the single biggest driving force behind the greatest of the greats and those that still have that passion after decades in the scene are the ones that SHOULD be the influencers…

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      Ah I remember the days when I saw my first pair of CDJs. People scoffed at them.

    • H8er

      When producers of noise fail to produce good music, you go back to the roots, and look up the greats of electronic music, thats whats gona happen. people wil lremember Tiesto, van buuren or even Carl cox, but few will remember SHM, Guetta or Avicii as it tends to get dull and boring, their music (Noise) is not timeless!

  • Guest

    I appreciate you trying to stay current with @ # blogosephre, however these top 5 reasons blah blah blah bullshite pieces you keep putting out are so passe… they feel like rehashed bullshite from 00′s tele with no vision !!!! you have an amazing platform USE IT!!! Please write from a passionate perspective and not a contrived ad driven soulless place just to drive traffic. Your talent lies in other peoples creations! think about that and ask yourself am i a worthy commentator? At times when i see such piss poor attempts at journalistic reporting i feel like i want to kill myself.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      We do use our “amazing platform,” daily, to put out passionate perspectives. Our talent lies in our perspective, and judging by the responses in this piece alone, people do agree.

      And yes, I’m a worthy commentator. Are you?

    • H8er

      “i feel like i want to kill myself.”

      Whats stopping you?