10 Reasons Why EDM is Crushing Hip-Hop in 2013

edm 54th grammys 10 Reasons Why EDM is Crushing Hip Hop in 2013

I went to a show a couple of months ago in Philly with a notable rapper headlining. And the crowd wasn’t big, at all. A few days later, I hit the same venue for an EDM show. It nearly sold out. To say that hip-hop is dead is a bit much. Rappers that are signed to majors still have roots in publishing, and big artists are making  money in different ways. From advances for their own ventures to endorsements, pockets are being lined. But the money that is being made for live performances in electronic music is mind-boggling. This is because the market is simply bigger.

The big question is “WHY?” There are tons of reasons that the rap market has been slowly dying off, we've decided to go into detail. Don’t think I'm uneducated or biased, I had a college radio show that played drum & bass and hip-hop for four years, and was the first person to market the “thugstep” sound that saw Down South rap and dubstep mashed together. This was six years ago. The soundwave for a section of Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones, Part II" is tattooed on my arm. I'm old. I’ve been around and here is no hesitation in my ability to say that EDM is crushing hip-hop right now. Here are 10 reasons why.

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  • http://twitter.com/DagoatMannn Dagoat Man

    Now before all, I would like to point out that most of the music that I listen to is Hip Hop. I have a great deal of appreciation and respect for the art form, history, artists and culture in hip Hop. That said, EDM really is crushing Hip Hop. But i think the reason for that is much simpler: EDM sounds great at concerts (there’s usually no need to understand lyrics and stuff like that), It doesn’t send off a threatening/violent vibe – when you think EDM, you usually think people raving and partying till they drop. Plus it’s really fast, it’s really loud, it’s really catchy and it’s really easy to get into/appreciate at concerts. In other words, LIVE EDM is simply SHITLOADS OF FUN. Rap, as much as I love it, simply doesn’t translate as well when played live.

    (However, I’d like to also say that nowadays, unless it appeals to tweens or allows people to rave… the live venues aren’t gonna be packed except for the household name artists)

    • http://www.facebook.com/shawnmdelgado Shawn Delgado

      Hip-Hop is great live when you have a great artist or group. The energy can be out the roof and really warm, personal. Unfortunately, even some of our better, older artists take live shows for granted and just bring guest after guest to do the real work with less quality or polish than the guy on the ticket. I agree with you that EDM is easier to play live, but that shouldn’t get us off the hook for half-assing it. You got to be in it to win it.

      • http://twitter.com/DagoatMannn Dagoat Man

        Man I totally agree with that. Great hip hop live shows are the shit, straight up. But they just happen less reliably than EDM. I mean, I’ve been to more EDM shows than Hip Hop in the past year, even though my ipod is mostly filled with rap. I’m saying I’d go to see some DJ i’d never heard of, but I probably wouldn’t go to see a rapper that i know nothing about.

        • mgaynor22

          Couldn’t agree more. Part of the reason I’m such a Slaughterhouse fan. Easily the best live show I’ve seen with the exception of Just Blaze, a hip hop producer/DJ himself. Hip-Hop’s energy is unmatched at its best. Just finding it at its best is getting harder and harder.

    • http://www.facebook.com/christian.lott.5 Christian Lott

      My thoughts exactly, while EDM dominates my life now Eminem, especially after he got off the drugs, will be one of the greatest names in music in my opinion.

  • TheRealSage

    I’ve gone through all the pointers which to me seem like a sensationalist title meant to take you thru all the links just to increase hits on the site. If you claim that hip hop egos, violence and poor venues are some of the things that have made EDM “crush hip hop” then objectivity is clearly not ur strength. I reckon that EDM is on a high right now and hip hop is on the retreat. But realize that all those pointers you laid out have been a part of hip hop since the start. Despite that, hip hop edged out electro pop, disco, house and the predecessors of EDM when it became big. Why weren’t those issues a problem then? As DJ Jazzy Jeff said, every popular genre goes thru a phase of mindless euphoria, like hip hop did in the 90s. Back then hip hop artists made mad money like Skrillex and Deadmaus do today, but after the euphoria, the system stabilizes somewhere lower, but more reasonable. Today even Paris Hilton can make money as an EDM DJ, now if that is not mindlessness on the part of the attending crowd, tell me what is. And last but not least, for u to claim that hip hop DJs don’t actually DJ and that EDM DJs do actually spin, honestly, that’s when I realized you’re not serious. I do agree EDM is crushing not just hip hop, but all forms of popular music today, but the reasons listed here are honestly just a lot of heat, no light. Join the line of the rest of the clueless masses.

    • Rick Posada



  • los_angeles_nigga

    edm cant be compared to hip hop just for the simple fact that its solely single driven and dj driven.thats it..the dj is the artist which is dope.But at the end of the day its jus another form of house music.Believe me it will die!!

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      DJs and producers are the artist. House is a form of EDM, and has been around about as long as hip-hop.

      • maria

        No, EDM is a term made up by Americans for House music, which as been around for 30 years in Europe!

        • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

          “electronic dance music” has been around since the 1980s. And remember that a lot of this dance music started in America before it made it to Europe. Just ask Chicago and Detroit.

          • Scott Brio

            Agreed. You can follow EDM all the way back to disco. It’s big in the UK for sure, but it’s always been huge in the underground scene here in the US. It’s only now getting huge.

            I for one love it- the shedding of egos and lying in your raps just to fit in- the (mostly) humble attitudes of DJ’s- the positivity and euphoria associated with dance music. I’m looking forward to a decade or two of happy feel good music :)

  • John Blaze

    7 And 10 Are Spot On. Especially 7 Cause I’m One Of Those “Talented MC With A Shitty Job That Is Barely Affording College” Right Now…..

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  • fuck this lol

    What a self-congratulatory, pretentious, utter piece-of-shit article.

  • http://twitter.com/MrRemmy3 Danni Mon~Frere

    This article doesn’t make sense… 8 and 10 are the only ones the clearly make a comparison between the two genres. Interesting premise, little follow through

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  • Will

    Is that a good thing?. Surely horrible mainstream rap music is being replaced by horrible mainstream dance music. Real Trance & House has been completely wrecked by the whole EDM movement

  • maria

    Stop calling it EDM! its just dance music. It’s like calling rock music “guitar rock music” sounds stupid, just like calling dance music “electronic dance music”, what else is it going to be, bloody none eletronic?!

    • http://twitter.com/808sJake Jake

      Well, it could be non-electronic dance music.

    • brendan

      They call it Electronic Dance Music because they use a lot of electronic synths and sounds to make the music, if we just call it dance music we might as well call Waltz, Ballroom, and Salsa dance music.

    • Bernard McMillan

      Its called EDM because that’s what it is. And yes there is non electric dance music such as funk and disco. Think daft punk “one more time”. Also EDM isn’t actualky a genre it includeds genres such as house, trance, dubstep, trap drum n bass etc.

  • mgaynor22

    My only issue with this article…”Again, I blame the pay-to-play structure in rap music. If the only people that can afford placement are dope boys and signed acts, how can a talented MC working a shitty job and going to college expect to compete?”

    As a lifelong hip-hop fan, and someone who’s been listening to EDM since I was 14 downloading Bassnectar’s early releases on dial-up I can tell you that the 2 really shouldn’t be in competition. I don’t want to hear an MC with a shitty job going to college. That’s not what I listen to hip hop for. I also don’t listen to hip hop to dance. I listen to hip hop, because I want to listen to some relatable hood shit because I grew up broke, because I sold drugs and because I made it. That kind of hip-hop is the shit that speaks to people. Hip-hop lost credibility by trying to market acts like Macklemore, Mac Miller, Mike Stud instead of dudes like Joell Ortiz or Skyzoo.

    Mainstream hip-hop got power hungry because they got a taste of the checks that come from being able to target college white kids. The reason EDM is crushing rap is because rap has steered away from the audience that made it popular. just like American EDM often gets hated on by alot of the Tech-house loving rave crowd of the late 90s/early 2000s scene, mainstream hip hop has trouble reaching the kids in the hood who are the reason the genre took off in the first place. When it comes to capturing middle america’s attention, EDM’s got it on lock right now, I just hope that they avoid this one massive mistake that has doomed hip-hop, which in the end, simply sold out.

  • Evan

    Big up for usin U Street music Halls photo. Can I also get context for the picture of diplo and skrillex?

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      that was taken during the 2012 full flex express tour, where they toured across canada on a train.

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  • Dottie Smackabottle

    Idk why, I just got a feeling this guy REALLY doesn’t like black people it seems lol. He probably still gets jiggy with hiphop. Y’know the genre that paved the way for the rhythm you hear in edm today…. jagoff

    • khal

      the writer of this black and UOENO. and hip-hop and dance music both bounce back to disco, and UOENO.

  • aninternetthug

    Half of these dance music DJs are just going on stage and pressing play, I feel like a select few are actually doing work up there. I was super into that shit like 2 years ago, going to every festival and show I could. I went to a festival last weekend and noticed a dramatic change in that whole scene, i’m not on some hipster douche shit but that whole culture has gone mainstream, you didnt see articles like this 2 years ago (when EDM was in its prime). Its huge noe and majority of the people who fuck with it now are trend hoppers, there for the drugs. These kids are getting geeked up on molly and K passing out having siezures n shit straight wreckless. Once the next big thing comes along EDM will be left in the dust. I think its going to take a while though. The shit is super poppin right now…its not for me though. Bunch of lost souls fillin the void. I seen the evils and got out while i could haha.

    • Scott Brio

      I think you’re mistaken. EDM is just getting started. Look how long rap/hiphop lasted in the mainstream. We’ve got another 10-15 years of EDM ahead of us, at minimum.

    • old school

      “EDM” was in its prime quality wise 2001 and back… then a gap started growing between the underground and mainstream, the underground scene is practically non existent in most places with a few exceptions especially in the states. The underground scene was what was driving innovation around the music and the crossover artists were bringing it into the mainstream. One big reason for the underground decline was the “rave” act that made it much harder to organize and promote underground parties. Anyways, the end result of having no underground scene is that commercialism completely takes over and these crossover guys see dollar signs and completely forget their roots, squeezing the scene for all its worth.
      This didn’t start happening in 2011 my friend, this goes way back into the last decade.

  • Matt

    lol. Anyone who has a fully-functional brain knows that EDM will never, EVER be better than hip-hop. EVER.

    1. Hip-hop (REAL hip-hop; not the B.S. you hear on the radio) actually takes talent to produce. It’s not like dance music where any idiot with Garage Band can put together some synths and throw some cheesy ass drums over it.

    2. Hip-hop has substance. It touches the soul. What the fuck does EDM do other than go to go to raves like a faggot?

    3. Real men do NOT listen to EDM. I’m sorry, but it’s pussy “music.”

    Anyone who seriously thinks dance music is superior to hip-hop should have their music-listening privileges revoked and/or their ears removed.


    • Matt

      No. 2 should read “make you go to raves like a faggot.” Typo.

      • chris

        What are you some ignorant homophobe?

      • matt21333

        ok dude. you can listen to hip-hop. but i love listening to edm and going to edm shows and festivals because i have the best time of my life when i go, so i really couldn’t care less what you think. I’m having an awesome time, and that’s all that matters.

    • http://www.rockthedub.com/ khal

      You sound uneducated on dance music, as well as what being a “real man” is. Judging how “real” anyone is by the music they listen to is ridiculous.

    • aa


      • damn

        then just mind your own stupid HIPHOP music and dont fckin listen to MY MUSIC.. dick head

    • Bernard McMillan

      Let me expose you to some fucking house music. People gave different musical tastes. Thats it. Point made. And btw edm festivals are just about having fun. Just fun on top of fun

    • pattyboy

      Anyone with half a brain would realize that music is completely subjective, but clearly that hasn’t registered on either halves of your brain.

      1. EDM is much harder to produce then hip-hop will ever be (and this is assuming you’re talking about producing only). There is way more technical aspects in creating it, you do NOT want me to get started on sound designing (something most hip-hop producer have no clue about). Where hip-hop producer might adjust or tweak sounds, a majority of EDM producers CREATE their sounds from scratch (and sometimes adjust/tweak other sounds when needed). And yes, i produce, started with hip-hop over 8 years ago, recently got into edm 2-3 years ago so trust me when i say this, you’re fucking dead wrong and know NOTHING about production.

      2. EDM has substance and touches the souls as well, just like any other music can you fucking retard. Try listening to something else besides the drop like break downs, choruses, etc, which also plays a role in captivating a majority of the listeners (not just the crazy drops). And saying that EDM does nothing but go to raves like a faggot (which makes no sense and hurts my half a brain to read) is no different then saying people who attend hip-hop concerts do nothing but shoot each other up while hoes be twerking it for a new baby daddies. Sounds ridiculous, right?

      3.Real men, or should i say adults, don’t have this thug wannabe, gotta be tough at all times, childish mentality in regards to their selection of music. It just straight up leads me to believe that you might actually be the typical pants sagging, snapback wearing, swaggalisious dope mc of a rapper wannabe who think’s everything sucks except hip-hop.

      BTW, I know big country boys who would fuck you up and their by no means “pussies” because they listen to country, TRUST me. This is the exact kind of mentality that is killing hip-hop which sucks, cause even as a hip-hop fan i cannot seem to find the common sense to agree with a word you’ve just said.


    • Big Jake

      come say that to my face, that im a faggot for listening to EDM… you fucking ignorant fool… what makes you think the older hip-pop is that much better than this new era of music…??? that shows enough about your intelligence

      layers and layers of beats with crush you rap scene in about 5-10 years… good luck listening to oldies… bro !!!

      and for the record, i used to listen to hip-pop and rap… now i learned where better music can be found… so spare me your wigger loving hateful songs that condone violence and drugs… Real men don’t do those things…

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  • jojo

    I’m a long time hip hop fan dating back to early 80s. It is as rich, diverse, and powerful as any other genre. However, I don’t like what it is doing to the crowds at EDMS shows. I have experienced the scene go from love to (at times) violence. I was recently at Griz show with Danny Brown supporting. My friend straight up got jumped and beat up. This is not a race thing! All dudes involved were white as cotton. I can’t say for sure, but my experience has been that the more hip hop acts at a show or festival, the more dangerous it is. I dislike stereotypes as much as the next liberal minded bloke. This is based on experience. Anyone else see this too ? or (hopefully) have evidence to the contrary ?

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  • Dave

    I love how passionate these Hip-hop fans are. It makes me laugh because I think Hip-hop fans are naive to message here. EDM has never been about story telling as in Hip-hop music. EDM has always been about experiences created in nightclubs and festivals. EDM is not lyrical yet very much emotional. I can see how a Hip-hop/Rap aficionado would have trouble grasping this concept.

  • connor

    im about to go to school in nashville tennessee and get a degree in music business. im trying to become a solid part of the EDM move and this article made me much more confident in my decision. thank you for giving me even more confidence in my favorite type of music than i already had!

  • yeahsowhat

    highschool kids can’t relate to selling drugs? hehe.. i was selling that E in junior year, and i wasn’t the only one.. hehe… edm is as much about drugs as any other type of music .. just saying :)

  • yeahsowhat

    y’all need to experience the BETA sound system here in denver colorado and the BEATPORT launge… sick sick sick… ok bye


    bottom line is EDM takes most of it’s cues from Hip-Hop. EDM is mostly biters and cats following trends. PLUR is no new concept either. EDM is what happens when hippies meet hip-hop that was influenced by the DIY ethic of early punk.

    • Ben

      LOL where the hell do you think the beats for hip hop came from? Sprung up out of nothing? Learn some history fool

  • Marcus

    Times change. Rap was big in the 90s only because it became extreme and dumb people wanted to listen to that garbage. Even I was caught up in the shift mostly to check out what people were talking about. I still have the original Dre and Snoop CD’s. Bottom line however, 90s rap was not good. It was just shocking and people wanted to either look tough in front of their bros or they just wanted to be in the “in crowd.” It was childish just like other fads in the past.

    Moving forward. Rap is ridiculous to produce. We record rappers all the time and most of them only need a few hours studio time to record and then they are out. They can do a full album in a matter of days in a studio. Its too easy and thus anyone can do it. So we had a huge saturation of rappers and that pretty much diluted to the genre to high hell to the point that it is uncool to listen to it. Rock is a different beast altogether due to how much harder it is produce from start to finish. Each instrument can take several days to weeks to record just right and that is with modern equipment… the old days were much harder.

  • Trendsetter

    This article hit soooo many good points. Hiphop is dying and bc its so streamlined I don’t give AF.


    Well.. Im defenitely an EDM fan, maybe just saying it wouldnt convence you, but if you would look at my music youll notice that EDM is all for me. im learning how to Dj and produce EDM, belive me, im not a nerd, all m friends love me and I really aprecciate them. The only thing i do is not only EDM, i also love to read books, i love soccer specially goal keeping, im blue belt in tae kwon do, my school averge is 90 (even though i hate school), i like anime, and those are the mos important things. something i need to say is that, im not normal, at my country (Colombia) EDM isnt crushing on anthing, here EDM is really rare, few people r like me here…